Ship 'n Whales  

So Long Ago

1. So Long Ago
2. Ocean Liner
3. Fire Down Below
4. Heave Away
5. Drunken Sailor/Roll the Old Chariot
6. Gals o' Chile
 6. Lynchburg Town
8. Johnny Come Down to Hilo
9. Pay me my Money Down
10. Erie Canal
11. Haul on the Anchor Chain
12. Roll Alabama Roll
13. Maggie May
14. Hartlepool Monkey
15. The Blackball Line
16. Lord of the Dance
17. General Taylor
18. Neds Lament
19. Sugar in the Hold
20. The Barmaid
21. Uélè

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Swingin' from the Yardarm

1.  We'll rant and we'll roar.
2.  Where am I to go.
3.  Blow the man down.
4.  Liverpool Packet.
5.  Yeller Girls.
6.  Chicken on a Raft.
7.  Strila Sjanti.
8.  Lukey's Boat.
9. Hanging Johnny.
10. Old Moke picking on a banjo.
11. Rio Grande.
12. Pull on the Rope.
13. Haul away for Rosie.
14. New York Girls.
15. These Old Wooden Bars.
16. Shallow Brown.
17 Leaky Ship.
18. Hulaballoo Belay.
19. I can hew.
20. Down Trinidad

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Fire Marengo ... Paddy lay back ... Cheerily Man ... Rosabella ... Clear away thr Track ... Rolling down to Old Maui ... Working on the Railway ... Strike the Bell ...Hob Y Deri Dando ... Sailors Farewell ... Roll the Woodpile down ... Alabama John Cherokee ... Come me lads ... Shawnee town ... Haul 'er away ... Banks of Newfoundland ...A place in the Choir ...Pull down below ... Bully in the Alley ... Broken Sailor.

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Six jolly good Ship 'n Whalers ... Ranzo Ray ... Blow, ye winds ... Hooker John ... Three Score and Ten ... Jolly Rovin' Tar ... Haul away boys ... Hurry Harry! ... Billy O'Shea ... Come down you bunch of roses ... Lowlands ... Blackbird get up ... I can hew ...Gammelt ol ... The Ebenezer ... Pick a bale of Cotton ... Gray funnel line ... Mandals-shanty ... Lime Scurvy ... Down Trinidad ... Pick a bale of Cotton/ (bonus track.)

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  Northern Link  
Ship N Whales & Blind Mans Bluff


 According to the Act
Blood Red Roses
Captain Kidd
Gray Funnel Line
Go To Sea Once More
Fella From Fortune
Trade of Slaves
Heidi Marie
Running Down to Cuba
Noon Lassies Set
May Morning
Paradise Girl
Grimsby Lads
The Balcana
Westering Home
Paddy West

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