John Roberts & Tony Barrand 


 Across the Western Ocean

Songs of the North Atlantic Sailing Packets

Introduction... New York Girls .... Captain Samuels on his sailors ...Blow the Man Down ... Impressions of s first voyage ... The Crayfish .. The Black Cook ... The Lime Juice Ship ... The wreck of the Staffordshire ... The Flying Dutchman ... Get Up Jack John Sit Down ...The Flying Cloud ... Immigration conditions ... Heave Away My Johnnies ... Perils of transatlantic dalliance ... Maggie May ... Peter Street ...The Seamen's Hymn

Italic = Narration

Bold = Songs


Available as CD £12.00(Order No. 94/1)
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  Ye Mariners All 

John Roberts, John Rockwell & Larry Young

The 'Fame' of Salem
The Steam Packet
Wings of a Goney
Pique La Baleine
Three Jolly Fishermen
Jack Robinson
Old Billy Riley-O
Hourra Les Filles
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Yangtse River Chantey
The Ballaena
Hullabaloo Belay
You Gentlemen of Boston
Nantucket Point / Off She Goes
Noah's Ark Chantey
The Jamestown Homeward Bound

Available as CD 12.00(Order No. 180/1)
plus P&P


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