Monkey's Orphan


Pete 'Shanty Jack' Hayselden, Paul Gough, Robin Garside

More Monkey Business

 1. Aboard the Kankaroo
2. Fare Well, My Lovely Nancy
3. My Bonnie Hieland Lassie-O
4. The Cliffs of Moher / Out on the Ocean
5. The Chinee Bumboatman
6. The Humbour Le Cou
7. Roller Bowler
8. Polly on the Shore
9. Roll the Cotton Down
10. The Rambling Sailor / Capn' Billy's
11. Haul Away for Rosie
12. Nine Times a Night
12a. Boston Harbour
14. Le Mariage Secret de la Mer et du Vent
15. Aladdin


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 Sailors' Song

A Celebration of Sea Songs and Shanties from the Great Days of Sail


Johnny Come down to Hilo/The Wild Goose Shanty/Reuben Ranzo ...Fire Down Below ..Yarmouth Town ...Ja,Ja.Ja ... Spootiskerry/Willafjord ... Whaling Johnny... 150 Days Out From Vancouver ... Three Day Millionaire ...Help Me to Raise 'Em .. Roll the Woodpile Down ... Sailors Song/Three Sea Captains ...The Haisboro' Light Song...The Constant Lovers ...Three Jolly Fishermen...John Kanaka ...Weldon


Available as CD £10.00 (Order No 12/1)
plus P&P


   Robin Garside & Paul Gough 

Sailors' Song

Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low … Polly on the Shore … The Royal Oak … The Three Sea Captains …Constant Lovers … Yarmouth Town … Bold Richard … Botany Bay …The Nightingale … The Landlubber / Moggy on the Shore … The Sailor Deceived … The Rounding of the Horn


Available as a LP (331/3 rpm) £5.00 plus (Order No 29/1)
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