John Conolly

The Grumpy Old Men
of Old England

The Grumpy Old Men of England
Out With The Tide
Smiling Stavros
Boars Head & Bell / Market Rasen Quickstep
Lincoln Castle
Coldbath Fields
Stone Walls & Cells
The Joly Tar
Sally Brown
Dow Dock
Sam The Squeeze-Box Man
The Crystal Stream
The Nobleman & The Serving-Maid / A Frog He Would A Wooing Go
Brave Admiral Storey
Charlie In The Meadow
Fiddlers' Green According To Les Barker
I Am Christmas
Return Of The  Grumpy Old Men The Adventure Continues


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Ranter's Wharf

1. Men of the Sea
2. Ranter's Wharf
3. Tom of Holmfirth
4. Weary Winter
5. Brave English Brew
6. The Last Ploughshare
7. Camping Nights and Roving Days
8. Roundabouts and Swings
9. Old Men Sing Love Songs
10. Old Men Sing Love Songs
11. The Emigrant
12. Joke and Push About the Pitch
13. Close Your Eyes and Look
14. Landless Paddy
15. The Widowmaker
16. Calling-On Song for the Ghosts of Miners Past
17. Fiddler's Green
18. One More Before We Go


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By Humber's Brown Water
CD One CD Two
Fiddlers Green Northern Trawl
Tomorrow NeverComes My Old Man
Men of the Sea Here's to the Grimsby Lads
The Bellmans Song Angels of Lincoln
Out of Season Harry Eddom
Coldbath Fields The Jester
Sally on the Corner Loss of the Laforey
Charlie in the Meadow Willie Leonard
Wymondham Fight Farewell to the "Lincoln Castle"
Punch and Judy Man A Lumper's Life
The Lepers Squint The Coast Road
Dancing Days Trawlermans Requiem
Sailortown . Tough Old Town
Bayards Leap Ranters Wharf
Traveller Close Your Eyes and Look
Bonny Carter Lads Another Morning
The Broadside Man The Trawling Trade
Draw Back the Curtain Harry Tate's Navy
Towersey Fair Ballad of the Humber Bridge
Ballad of Jack White North Sea Rollers
Trawlerman's Shanty Trawlerman's Alphabet

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Trawler Town
Fiddler's Green
A Lumper's Life/Steamboat Song
Braider's Song
The Grimsby Lads
Trawlerman's Requiem
Three Day Millionaire/Fisherman's Frolic
Hessle Road
Betsy Walton
The Taxi Driver and The Trawlerman's Wife
Time Ashore Is Over/Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
The Cook And The Deckies
The Dublin Fireman/South Wind
Bonny Fisher Lad
Married A Trawlerman
The North Wall
The Trawling Trade

Available as CD 12.00

(Order No. 5/3) plus P&P

Send us a Postcard
Send us a Postcard
The Librarians Lament
The Fastest Mobile Library in the West
 Punch and Judy Man
Albert Goes To Cleethorpes
Lady Morris-Dancer
The Bucket and Shovel Brigade
The Millennium Bug
Boxing Day Blues
Scarlet Rayguns
Little Old Log Cabin on the Fitties
 Out of Season
My Vi
The Bionic Fisherman
Available as CD 12.00 (Order No. 5/6)
plus P&P


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