Stan Hugill's Media Listings


During Stan's lifetime there were many advances made in the recording of both sound and visual media. Ever one to embrace new technology Stan made many recordings (Records-Radio) and appeared in several documentary type films. Not all were for  public release and unfortunately very few are available today. Listed below are those that we are currently aware of, and there are certainly a lot more!. If you know of any more, and any information regarding availability etc please let us know and we will do what we can to track them down.     To listen too selected tracks 'underlined' please click and wait for the download to take place. This may take a  minute or two.




SHANTIES FROM THE SEVEN SEAS Stan sings with the York & Albany Crew recorded in Cecil Sharp house. Tracks: The Ebenezer - Stormalong - A Long Time Ago - Essequibo River - Liverpool Packet - John Cherokee - Row, Bullies, Row - Paddy Lay Back - John Kanaka - The Flash Packet - Way Down in Dixie - The Companayro - Ranzo Ray - Swansea Town.


Vinyl  LP
Recorded 1962


ABOARD THE CUTTY SARK Stan sings and tells yarns. Intro by Jim Mageen
Tracks: Blow The Man Down - Boston Town Ho - New York Girls - Ratcliffe Highway - Lowlands - Shenandoah - Santy Anna - Leave Her, Johnny Leave Her.


Village 207
Vinyl LP / CD
Recorded  1979


A SALTY FORE TOPMAN Stan sings with Stormalong John. Tracks: Where am I To Go - The Girls of Dublin Town - Running Dow To Cuba - Old Moke Pickin' On The Banjo - Eight Bells - Roll Boys Roll - The Pilots of Tiger Bay - The Gals Of Chile - Golden Vanitee - Heave Away Boys, Heave Away - The Companero - Jack all Alone - Pull Down Below - Aboard The Kangaroo - Haul Away Boys - The Anglesy.


SHCD 002
Recorded 1989


 CHANTS DES MARINS ANGLAISStan sings with Stormalong John.Blow the Man Down - The Balaena - South Australia - Santiana - Lowlands - John Kanaka - Serafina - Admiral Benbow - Rolling Down to Old Maui - Let the Bulgine Run - Good Bye Fare Ye Well - The Girls of Dublin Town - Sam's Gone Away - The Drunken Sailor - Strike the Bell - Roll the Old Chariot - Hieland Laddie - Bulley in the Ally - The Black Ball Line - Randy Dandy O - Paddy Lay Back - Rio Grande


CMCD 021


SAILING DAYS Stan sings with Stormalong John  (Made on on his 85th birthday this was to be Stan's last recording). Tracks: A-Rolling Down The River - Way Down In Dixie - Whaling Johnny - Round The Bay Of Mexico - Sheandoah - Radcliffe Highway(x2) - We're All Bound to Go - The Fireship - The Leaky Ship - Bosuan's Alphabet - Sacramento.


SHCD 003
Recorded 1991


STAN HUGILL REMINISCES Stan sings and tells yarns in The Herga Folk Club, Wealdstone Middlesex. Tracks: Larry Mare - Roll, Bullies , Roll - Bounty Was A Packet Ship - Strike The Bell - Fire Down Below - A Long Time Ago - Hilo Come Down Below - John Cherokee - Shiny-O - John Kanaka - Sarcamento - Rolling Down To Old Maui.


Village 217
Vinyl LP
Recorded 1979


 STAN HUGILL in Concert at Mystic Seaport Stan sings and tells yarns Tracks: Vire An Guindeau - A Sailor Stood - 80 Years Old And Somewhat - Rum Yarns _ Santiano - South Australia - Blow The Man Down - Shanghaiing - Larry Marr - Lowlands - John Kanaka - Te Arabella - Leave Her Johnny.


Mystic Seaport
Recorded 1988

  MEN AND THE SEA MEN Stan sings two songs on this recording for the Bristol City Museum with 'The Folk Tradition" Tracks: (That Stan sings) The Lime Juice Ship - Bound for South Australia.   City Museum
Vinyl LP
Recorded 1971
  SEA SONGS Vol 1. Sea Songs and Chanteys sung at the 1978 Seattle Chantey Festival Stan sings two songs (A Long time Ago - Lowlands) along with recordings by:- Racine Morton & Marc Bridgham - Dan Aguiar - Lou Killen - Clark Branson - Paddy Hernon - Mary Benson - Mary Wilson - John Townley - Dave Baumgarten with Blue Sandrock - Bernie Klay   FOLKWAYS
Sea Heritage
FTS 37311
  SEA SONGS Nol 2. Sea Songs and Chanteys sung at the 1980 Newport Chantey Festival Stan sings one song (Paddy Lay Back) along with recordings by:- David Jones - Dan Aguiar - Cathy Katzberg & Steven Snyder - Charlie O'Hegarty - David Baumgarten - Bernie Kay - Paddy Heron & John Townley   FOLKWAYS
Sea Heritage
FTS 37312
  When the Wind Blows Traditional folk and sea songs from coastal England Includes  two tracks by Stan  and Stormalong John from the Sailing Days CD (A-Rolling Down the River and The Leaky Ship) also tracks from:- Johnny Doughty-Staithes Fisherman's Choir - Walter Pardon - Bob Lewis - Bob Davis - Harold Smy - Mabs Hall - Ted Chaplin - Gordon Hall - John 'Dusso' Winter - Doughty/Whiting - Norman Perks - Tommy Morrissey - Ted Quantrill - Brown/Hewitt   VETERAN


  STAN HUGILL The Last Shantyman. Live in Workum Excerpts from the International Shanty Festival 1990 with Jim Mageen & Johnny Collins, Stare Dzwony and Kat yn't Seil   Universe Productions
  "ALL I ASK IS A TALL SHIP" Stan sets sail on board the `Sorlandet` on the training leg of the 1980 Tall Ships race and helps the new recruits "learn the ropes" - literally ! The story of the training sessions are full of Stan's anecdotes about his life at sea and the ease at which he moves about the tall full rigged ship at the age of 76 is quite remarkable.   The World About Us
  The Last Voyage of the Garthpool Stan gives a graphic account of the last night of the Garthpool ,of their adventures on the island and the rescue. He also recounts the tale of the last ever working shanty he sang aboard the Garthpool. Lots of footage of Stan both singing and explaining shanties and their use. Filmed in 1970 this is real archive material.    Yesterday's Witness
25th Jan 1970