Richard Grainger

War Horse

John the Miler
Land and Sea
Bold Trincomaiee
Rockin the Cradle
Celebrated Working Man
Scarborough Fair
Like the Snow
The Whaleboat Essex
Brigg Fair
Wild Goose
Haulin the Nets
Dark Eyes

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Eye of the Wind

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough

A 'Folk Opera' based on the Story of James Cook (1728-1779)
and his voyage on board
HM Bark 'Endeavour' (1768 - 1771)

and featuring
Ron Angel (vocal and whistle)
The Endeavour Shantymen
Richard Grainger (vocal and Guitar)
John Rennie (vocal and concertina)
Joy Rennie (keyboard)
Olivia Rennie (vocal and fiddle)
Cris Yelland (spoken word)
Gerald Main
Ian McNicol

Blakes Endeavour
Farmers Toast
Come Along By'
Eye of the Wind
Brave Wolfe
James Cook of Cleveland
My Jimmy Lad
Jack's Maggot
Keel Row
College Hornpipe
The Resolution
Haul Away
Rio Lasses
The Endeavour Shanty

Available as CD 12.00 (Order No 10/10)
plus P&P


Sea King

A Re-release of Richards "Eye of the Wind" with two extra tracks

Eye of the Wind
Brave Wolfe
Rounding the Horn
Endeavour Shanty
George Vancouver
James Cook of Cleveland
Waltzing Matilda

Available as CD 9.00 (Order No 10/9)
plus P&P

On Stormy Seas

Richard Grainger with The Endeaver Shantymen

Scarborough Fisherman
The Endeavour Shanty
Way Down South
The Bold Princess Royal
Yellow Girls
George Vancouver
The Saltpetre Shanty
The Sunderland Press Gang
Haul Away Joe
Ghosts of Heroes
Ruben Ranzo
Trawler Gaul
Haul on the Bowlin'
Ship in Distress
Fire Down Below
The British Sailor

Available as CD 12.00 (Order No 10/7)
plus P&P


Wings Of Angels

My Love is On Board
Anchor Up
Pity the Poor Sailor
Eastscar Rocks

Available as CD 9.99 (Order No 10/8)
plus P&P


 Town In Time


Middlesbrough- The Kondike Song ... The Linthorope Reel / Middlehaven ...The Ballad of James Readman ...Trying to Make Ends Meet ... Come Along By ... The Procession ...The Ring Of Iron ...Cleveland Brew ... Teesside and Yorkshire ...Teesside Bridges ... A Day in Redcar ... The Chemical Workers Song .. The Steelmen ... Last Light on the Row .... Give Me a Job ... Football Songs Medley .... Mujhe Apni Sharan Mein/ Ayresome March / Middlesbrough Mela ...The Evening Gazette ... Roll River Flow


 Available as CD 12.00 (Order No 10/3)
Tape 7.00 (Order No 10/4)
plus P&P

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