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Sailor and Lumberman

For twenty years, in the United States and Canada, William Doerflinger collected the words and music of the songs of the sailor and lumberman brought together in this book. Here are over 150 rousing sea shanties, forecastle songs, and lumber-woods ballads traditional in the days of sailing hips and logging camps. "Monumental and magnificent," a reviewer in the New York Herald Tribune Book Review wrote of the first edition of the book. "A contribution to American folk song so important that it at once takes its place beside those classic volumes, Carl Sandburg's The American Songbag and the Lomaxes' American Ballads and Folk Songs. "

A vivid text sets the lusty and colourful words and the stirring music against their backgrounds of life under sail or in the woods, and explores their fascinating history. The songs are given exactly as recorded from the singing of individual veterans of deep-water, square rigged ships, the brigs and barkentines of the West Indies trade, the Grand Banks fishing schooners, and the Northern logging camps and river drives. Each man's own wording and vocal embellishments are faithfully captured. Many of the songs are of great beauty and all are full of the romance of life before the mast or in the logging woods.

All lovers of authentic folk songs will welcome this new edition of a definitive book, originally titled Shantymen and Shantyboys, which is a treasury of sea and woods songs with their traditional words and music. In the words of The New York Times Book Review, William Doerflinger "doubly re-creates two vanished and vanishing worlds-once with his songs and again with his comment-down to the spit of their speech."

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